Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process by which civil disputes are settled in a court of law. Civil law is enacted by legislators and enforced by judges. Civil law is most often enshrined in statutes, but is also created through judicial rulings. Although lawyers may often imply specialized areas of law (e.g. employment law) are distinct, civil litigation concerns all disputes submitted to the court by a plaintiff, which allege wrong doing by a defendant, but not the commission of a crime. Civil Litigation typically refers to suits involving such areas as: personal injury, contract disputes, landlord/tenant, medical malpractice, real estate, and employment.

Our team of experienced lawyers has a diverse background in civil litigation, and a wealth of knowledge to help you in evaluating your potential legal claims. According to a U.S Department of Justice survey, 97 perecent of civil cases are settled or dismissed without a trial. Defendants know this, which is why our attorneys start from day one preparing your case as if it is going to trial. From our experience, we know defendants are willing to pay more to resolve your case when they know that you are willing and prepared to take it to trial.